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SAP BAPIアクティビティパック一覧



アクティビティ名 説明
Open SAP Connection (SAP 接続を開く) SAP への接続を開きます。BAPI ワークフローを呼び出せるようになります。
Close SAP Connection (SAP 接続を閉じる) SAP 接続を閉じます。
SAP Application Scope Establishes the connection to a SAP system and provides a scope for multiple subsequent operations by use of the Invoke SAP BAPI activity. The connection to the system can be established at design time, by using the window that can be opened from the Configure button in the body of the activity, and at runtime, by populating all of the required property fields with corresponding values.
Invoke SAP BAPI Enables you to invoke a BAPI in a SAP system to which a connection is established by use of the SAP Application Scope. This activity only functions inside of a SAP Application Scope activity.