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Enter text in the text box (Set To Clipboard + Send Hotkey)

There are several ways to enter text in the text box.


1 How to use Type Into activity (Japanese translation: enter characters)
2Set To Clipboard activity (Japanese parallel translation: Set in the clipboard) + Send HotKey activity (Japanese parallel translation: How to use the hot key)
3 How to use the Set Text activity


Here we will explain how to use the 2Set To Clipboard activity (translation in Japanese) + Send HotKey activity (translation in Japanese: pressing hotkey).

How to use 2Set To Clipboard activity (Japanese: Translated to clipboard) + Send HotKey activity (Japanese: Translated hotkey)

Using the Set To Clipboard activity, put the value to be copied to the clipboard, and paste it in the Send HotKey activity.


1 Place a Set To Clipboard activity.



4 Set the properties of the Send Hotkey activity.

Click on “indicate on screen” and click on the desired element to set the selector.


Then check “Ctrl” and enter “v” for Key.

This represents the keyboard operation “Ctrl + v (paste)”.






※ If paste does not work with Send Hotkey, try selecting the target with the Click activity and then paste with Send Hotkey. Also, you may have to remove Send Hotkey Select, so if it doesn’t work you should try various things.