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Create DataTable

You can create data tables using the BuildDatatable activity.


1 Define a variable to store the DataTable created in the Build Datatble activity.

2 Deploy the Build Datatble activity.


2 Set the properties of the Build Datatable activity.

Set the data table name to be created. Here, the data table type variable called dtResult is set.


3 Click the red box to start defining the data table.


4 Click the red box to delete the default columns and data.


5 Click Plus to add more columns.

Select the column name and type.


Properties Commentary
Column Name Enter the column name.
DataType Select the data type of the column.
Allow Null Check to allow null value.
Auto Increment Check this to use1, 2, 3 or other auto number type. This can be selected when DataType is Int32.
Defalt Value Set the value to be set by default.
Unique Check to prevent duplicate data in the column.
Max Lenght Enter if you want to set the length of the column.


This time, the file name (String type) is set in the first column and the processing result (String type) is set in the second column as shown below.