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Convert Excel table to table

It is very useful to give the table a name. If you add data, you need to calculate the incremental cell range, but Excel automatically recalculates the cell range, which simplifies the operation of Uipath. In addition, the data will be added with the added format set.

Table name setting procedure

1.Select the range to set in the table by drag and drop.

2. Select “Table” from the “Insert” tag. Confirm that the range is correctly specified in “Specify the data range to be converted to a table”, and click “OK”.
※ Here, since the table has a header, “Use first row as a table heading” is checked.

3. The table is converted to a table and autofiltered and formatted. Change the “table 1” part and change it to any table name.

4. Completed

Benefits of using a table as a table

1. When adding data, the format is also set at the same time.
※ This is an example in which “11th place” data is input.

2. You can specify “table name” in the range of ReadRange activity. Even if data is added and the range has changed, it can be specified by table name.

3. You can set the format at the same time as pasting the data.

You can use it as a template by preparing a table with all data except for the header removed as shown below.

Example) Using the Write Range activity, you can format the value of “DataTable” at the same time as writing from A2.