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Read the value of a cell

Use the Read Cell activity to read the values in Excel cells. The Read Range activity reads the entire sheet data, while reading the value of a single cell is the Read Cell activity.

If the cell contains a function, the result is read, not the function that is read.


Read cell

Suppose you have the following sheet. Let’s look at an example of reading the date in B2. In fact, B2 contains the functional expression “= TODAY()”.

1 Open Excel in the Excel Application Scope activity.
2 Place a Read Cell activity within the Excel Application Scope activity.


3 Set the properties of the Read Cell activity.


Properties Commentary
Cell Specify the cell address.
SheetName Specify the sheet name.
Result Specify a variable to hold the read value.
The variable specified here specifies a variable of type Generic Value.


Robot execution result
What is displayed is the result of the function execution, not the function.