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Read CSV file

Use the Read CSV File activity to read a CSV file. The read data is stored in Datatable.


1 Place a Read CSV activity.

2 Create a DataTable type variable to store the read data.

Click “Browse for Types …” in Specifying VariableType.

Type “datatable” for Type Name :. Select the displayed DataTable.

3 Set the properties of the ReadCSV activity.

Properties Commentary
File Path Specify the path of the CSV file to be read.
Delimiter Specify the delimiter of CSV file.
Tab Specify from “Tab symbol”, Comma “,”, Semicolon “;”, Caret “^”, Pipe “|”.
Encoding Specify the encoding of the read CSV file. Character Encoding Support-uipath.com
Include Column Names Specify whether it is necessary to store the first row of read CSV file data as a column name. If checked, it will be imported as a column name.
DataTable Specify a DataTalbe type variable to hold the read value.